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Top 10 Indian Horror Movies

Top 10 Indian Horror Movies

Top 10 Indian Horror Movies

Why Horror Movies? Are they real stories? What is the purpose of these movies? Indian and Western horror movies, who is best? There are many categories of films, whether in Indian cinema or Western countries cinema. From love to fight, fight to drama, drama to comedy, comedy to story series, series to fantasy, fantasy to mystery, mystery to thriller, thriller to Horror, you will find each emotion of real life in movies.

These are just some categorizations you want to know a movie concept then, it’s a little problematic as you will find many specifications in one movie, and you can also get a film on a single category. Horror movies are the best for who is best for some, but it’s terrifying for some.

These have some reasons that you will know further in this blog. These types of movies are created or formed whether on a genuine incident or a fictional one and in the description, you will find whether it is a real story or just a fictional one. I also inspect the reasons why horror movies started, and most of them are rooted in the same section of society, and that’s the reason for horror movies too.

In India, you already know about it, many parts are still engaged in the activities of black magic, and most believe in the afterlife and ghosts, good and scary souls. Horror movies intend to underline unconscious fears, desires, urges, and closed-eye faith in sayings. Some problems are due to mental health issues which strongly reflect blind faith in traditions.

I didn’t say about, Indian or Western horror is best because I didn’t write about Western movies. So, let’s discuss some of the scary Indian Horror Movies and know about them a little. But, before that, peep at Script to Scream: The Artistry of Indian Horror Movie Production.

From Script to Scream: The Artistry of Indian Horror Movie Production

Horror movies in India are produced via multiple techniques and creative processes, and there is the process of the script to scream, which is stated as the artistry of Indian horror movie production. The most important thing about a horror movie is the scariness of it but some movies mixture of comedy, drama, and thriller with horror effects.

Concept and Script Development: Filmmakers must listen to a story somewhere, which adds many thoughts while brainstorming and processing the best script development.

Pre-production: Once the script is ready, the stage involves casting actors, hiring the crew, exploring locations, and setting the necessary equipment and aids.

Production: Directors work closely with cinematographers, production designers, and other crew associates to convey the script to life with the help of diverse visual and audio approaches to create a creepy and mysterious atmosphere.

Special Effects and Makeup: Horror movies are a mixture of special effects and makeup which put masala in the movie and enhance the scary element. The focus is on creating realistic-looking nightmares, ghosts, or other supernatural entities.

Music and Sound Design: Sound plays a vital role in horror movies which affects the viewers and gives them creepiness with chilling visuals, and the intensity of sound, suspense, can put the heart of a person in fear.

Post-production: Editors together the scenes, add unique effects, purify the sound design, create a cohesive final creation and add many VFX, which make the movie scarier.

Promotion and Release: Trailers, posters, and online campaigns are accustomed to generating buzz and attracting audiences, and at last, people rate the movies.

Unveiling the Secrets Behind Ghostly Effects in Horror Movies
Some things are different from any other movie, and they are:-

  • Makeup and Prosthetics make the person worst and more creepy.

  • The costume design will look like the old ghost who is hungry for your blood and heart/soul.

  • Practical Effects are given by co-workers, which make things move unknowingly.

  • Lighting and Cinematography, screening the dark area with a dim atmosphere, which sounds scary and gives special effects.

  • Visual Effects (VFX) are widely used, and without this, no horror and other movies are made, as it provides many transparent apparitions, ghostly distortions, or eerie glowing auras.

  • Sound Design, without it film, is a dish without salt doesn’t matter how much you have a good story or effect, but the sound is the soul of horror movies. Audio effects, such as whispers, screams, or eerie audio are the soul.

List Of Top 10 Indian Horror Movies

1) Raat (1992)

Raat is a movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma, written by Tanikella Bharani, and released in 1992. This movie is said to be a gripping and chilling horror film that offers a unique blend of paranormal elements and psychological exhilaration.

Storyline:- The story begins with a family moving into a new house without knowing about its dark history of it, and abnormal and terrifying events begin to happen at night, especially concerning their daughter, Mini. As the paranormal events escalate, the family desires help from diverse references, including a psychiatrist and a priest, to comprehend and fight the evil force plaguing their house. It’s one of the best Indian horror movies.

2) Bhoot (2003)

Bhoot is a movie directed by Ram Gopal Varma, written by Lalit Marathe, and released in 2003. It is said to be an intense and atmospheric horror with lots of fear, possession, and paranormal activities. This story has also won several awards.

Storyline:- The story begins with the married couple moving into a new apartment in Mumbai, haunted by a spirit who died forcefully. The wife gradually becomes possessed by the vindictive spirit, and her behavior becomes increasingly unpredictable and terrifying. The husband desires help from a psychiatrist, and a paranormal expert, to save his wife from the grips of the ghost. It’s one of the best Indian horror movies.

3) Kothanodi (2015)

Kothanodi is a movie directed by Bhaskar Hazarika, and it is an Assamese Indian film released in 2015 and based on a collection of Assamese folk tales by Lakshminath Bezobaroa. The folk tales are scary and mysterious, and these are exposure to the human psyche.

Storyline:- These are the four interconnected stories filled with dark secrets and mystery, and often deal with supernatural elements and moral dilemmas, and the story spins around the characters grappling with complicated sentiments, societal coercion, and the effects of their actions.

In this film, you will see the desire, sacrifice, redemption, and the position of women in traditional society and how the darker aspects of human nature and folklore, blur the lines between reality and fantasy. It’s one of the best Indian horror movies.

4) Pari (2018)

Pari is a movie directed by Prosit Roy and staged by Anushka Sharma, and released in 2018. It was who also stars in the lead role. It is a compelling and haunting movie that questions the traditional image of horrific things.

Storyline:- The story of this movie is about a girl, Rukhsana, who is so mysterious with supernatural abilities. After a traumatic incident, Ruksana meets a boy named Arnab, and he tries to help her. A uncover the dark secrets and truth behind her existence. This story is full of love, redemption, and blurred lines between good and evil, and you will enjoy this movie as it’s one of the best Indian horror movies.

5) Tumbbad (2018)

Tumbbad is one of the best Indian horror movies directed by Rahi Anil Barve and released in 2018. This film is about the rural village of Tumbbad in Maharastra and transits numerous eras. The story is praised in horror cinema, and it is a visually stunning and thematically rich film that weaves together horror, myth, and colonial critique.

Storyline:- The story of this movie around a mythical traditional treasure concealed in an ancient mansion, and one protagonist is obsessed with finding this treasure, protected by a sinister deity. The desires, greed, and obsession increased, and then he discovered that treasure comes with consequences.

With surprising visuals and haunting places, this movie is a blend of mythology and horrific views. It’s credited for its unique storytelling, excellent production design, and atmospheric cinematography.

6) Fear Has A New Address(13B),(2009)

13B: Fear Has A New Address is one of the best Indian horror movies directed by Vikram Kumar, the film stars R. Madhavan in the lead role and was released in 2009. The theme of this movie is paranoia, fear, and the impact of media on individuals. It’s a psychological toll of addiction and the effects of blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

Storyline:- The story of this movie spin around Manohar who move to a new apartment with his family and they find that this apartment is considered to be unlucky due to some superstitions. Manohar watches the show, which is “Sab Khairiyat Hai” (All is Well), and after some time, he found that similar things are happening in his house too. Slowly, he is gripped by the show and begins sharing supernatural occurrences in his flat, and his mental health deteriorates.

7) The House Next Door (2017)

The House Next Door (Aval) is one of the best Indian horror movies released in 2017 and directed by Milind Rau, and some famous stars work in this movie named Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah, and Atul Kulkarni. It’s a super blend of supernatural elements with engaging storytelling and you will be chilled and suspenseful throughout the whole movie.

Storyline:- The story of this movie spin around a couple, Krish and Lakshmi, who move into a new place with their daughter, and after some time they discover that their peaceful surroundings conceal a dark mystery.

A couple fighting against evil forces to save themselves and their daughter and get help from a paranormal expert to solve the hidden truth of the house, and to protect their family from the cruel spirits. It’s a combination of fear and psychology, and you will know about the possession, exorcism, and the consequences of meddling with the supernatural.

8) 1920 (2008)

1920 is one of the Indian horror movies released in 2008 and directed by Vikram Bhatt, and the best well-known stars, Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma are in the leading roles. This movie has a strong performance along the atmospheric and adequate fear. It’s an engaging horror and haunting film, and you can see love, possession, and the supernatural.

Storyline:- The story of this movie spin around the mansion and people living there, and it’s a 1920 story that follows the couple and paranormal events unfold via story, the wife becomes possessed by the evil entity.

The husband desires support from a spiritual healer, Professor Pashupati, to save his wife from the grips of the paranormal, and many events occur in supernatural activities, exorcism attempts, and intense confrontations between the living and the spirit. It combines horror, romance, and mystery, and you will also explore love, sacrifice, and the battle between good and evil.

9) Monihara 1961

Monihara is one of the best Indian horror movies directed by Satyajit Ray and released in 1961, it’s a short story based on the writing of Rabindranath Tagore, and this movie is a poignant and thoughtful dig into the sophistication of human passions and the search for pleasure.

You will see the blend of desire, materialism, and the vacuum that can occur from pursuing material wealth, and this digs into the inner world of its protagonist, emphasizing the psychological toll of an unhappy life.

Storyline:- The story of this movie spin around a woman named Charulata who is forced to live in marriage and neglected by her husband and finds pleasure in her jewelry, which is the name of the movie Monihara in Bengali.

She is obsessed with her jewelry, which holds deep emotional value for her, and rapidly grows, she starts losing control to receive more jewelry. However, focusing on material possessions eventually leads to her failure, as she curls into emotional upheaval and distress.

10) Darna Mana Hai (2003)

Darna Mana Hai is one of the best Indian horror movies directed by Prawaal Raman and released in 2003, and famous stars featured in this movie are named Saif Ali Khan, Vivek Oberoi, and Nana Patekar, among others.

It is a fascinating and delightful anthology horror film that successfully threads together multiple stories of the paranormal and showcases the skills of its ensemble cast and provides a thrilling cinematic adventure for horror fans.

Storyline:- The story of this movie are interconnected short story and each with a different paranormal or horror-themed incident and group of friends discovers that they are abandoned in a remote area late at night and hand the time by communicating ghostly stories to delight themselves.

It’s a blend of panic, suspense, and psychological thrills with some horrific presence of ghosts, witches, and supernatural beings, completing pieces of karma, righteousness, and the results of one’s actions.


These are some of the scariest Indian horror movies, which can give creepiness to anyone, and there are many mental health issues and physical health affect when you watch a horror movie.There are also good effects like it can burn calories faster when you are watching a horror movie.

Foremost mental health problems give the ideas of ghostly effects, and the unconscious mind picks those thoughts and creates them, and there are chances of seeing a ghost with you or a shadow maybe you feel more creepiness that can be scary to death. So, if you are having problems like this, think positively and concern the psychiatrist.

In the end, I will suggest you keep your overthinking aside and enjoy horror movies, whether some stories are true but not always.You can check out the same blog on Indian Horror Places. For more engaging blogs, visit our official page and remember to share your scariest incident if any, and you can also share others’ stories.

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