10 Amazing Facts About Maple Trees

10. Maples are Among the Most Common Trees Planted as Ornamentals in Parks, along Streets, and in Gardens

9. The Biggest Threat to Maple Trees is an Invasive Pest Called the Asian Longhorned Beetle, which Bores into the Trunk

8. Maple Trees Provide Shade, Help Clean the Air, Prevent Erosion, and Provide Habitat for Birds and Other Wildlife

7. The Syrup Made From the Sap of Sugar Maple Trees has a Higher Sugar Content than Sap from Other Maple Species

6. Maple Trees are an Important Source of Food for Bees, Providing Pollen and Nectar

5. Maplewood is Highly Prized for Its Beauty and Durability

4. The Maple Leaf is the National Symbol of Canada and is Featured on the Canadian Flag

3. Maple Sap is Often Tapped and Boiled Down to Produce Delicious Maple Syrup

2. Maple Trees are Deciduous, Meaning they Lose their Leaves in the Fall.

1. There are Over 125 Species of Maple Tree

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