The Top 10 State Quarter Errors that Sold for $66,000 Each

10. 1999-P Pennsylvania Quarter Struck on an Experimental Planchet of Copper and Zinc

9. 2000-P 25C Maryland Statehood Quarter–Struck on Clad Dime Planchet–MS64 PCGS.

8. 1999-P 25C Georgia Quarter — Struck on an Experimental Planchet — MS67 PCGS

7. 2006-P 25C North Dakota State Quarter — Struck on Steel Washer — MS62 PCGS

6. 2000 1C Lincoln Cent — Struck Over a 2000-P New Hampshire State Quarter — MS65 PCGS

5. 1999-P SBA$ Anthony Dollar–Struck on a 1999 Georgia State Quarter–MS63 NGC

4. 1999-P 25C Pennsylvania Statehood Quarter Experimental Planchet–MS67 PCGS.

3. 1999-P 25C New Jersey Statehood Quarter — Struck on Foreign Planchet — MS65 NGC

2. 2000 Lincoln Cent — Struck on a 2000-P Virginia Statehood Quarter — MS66 PCGS. 11-cent double denomination errors

1. 2000-D $1 Sacagawea Dollar / South Carolina Quarter Mule MS64 PCGS.

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